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Support that really makes a difference


Get to know yourself

A smart method to quickly provide accurate information about Personal Vulnerability, Protective and Risk Factors and Resilience. The smart analysis method shows in real-time how the interaction between personal vulnerability and resilience takes place intrinsically. Because it concerns personal data, the individual can see and experience which role and apples his vulnerability indicators press on, for example self-confidence, perseverance, adaptability and social support. The individual has access to a personal dashboard where quantifiable outcomes are visualized. The underlying AI algorithms create the results completely dynamically in a concrete and understandable way. The individual can establish mutual relationships with the variables and subjects presented. The individual gains insight into the interaction between the subjects and how he does/doesn't use his resilience effectively-ineffectively. Various applications from mathematics, statistics and algorithms (AI) work in the background, making quantifiable data transparent and immediately applicable.


Make the most of your professional career

PEM is an observational analysis, focused on the development and personal- and economic relevance of the individual (formative). PEM is mainly based on (intrinsically) traceable personal characteristics, MeasureMe speaks of 'domains' if there are any; Task-oriented, People-oriented, Inquisitive and Conservative. Measureme also sees this as Culture characteristics that an individual has and uses intrinsically. At the same time, PEM also collects individual data about intrinsically located personal and characteristic skills, such as: social, entrepreneurial, commercial, structured and learnability. By means of an (online) questionnaire that mainly focuses on behavior and behavioral characteristics, this data is compared against 16 universal organizational competencies. These have been compiled in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. Personal data is extracted integrally by means of AI algorithms, mathematics and statistics, which result proportionally in so-called professional identification domains. Using quantifiable data visualisations, concrete data is presented in accurate information. The impact more often leads to an intervention moment, an interpretation of the distance to (a) curriculum, as a guideline for developments and as a solution to a problem. The young person becomes acquainted with how people think about their possibilities and capacity in working life, it provides answers to many questions and dilemmas, for example the question: 'what makes this person not excel in this role, function or job? ”?


Autonomous learning for every student

The Autonomaat is a digital educational tool for Primary and Secondary Education. It is a technological application, fully functional and coherent with the existing curriculum. The overall objective is as follows; The Autonomaat facilitates and supports the development of autonomous learning for every student. This differs in two areas; Pupils/Students & Teachers/Teachers. 
Functionality: Instructions and assignments are fully coherent with the current education curriculum PO & VO (legal regulations). 
The specific objective of MeasureMe with the Autonomaat is to: offer active support to the teacher/lecturer in their task, responsibility and implementation for qualitative and coherent education for pupils in primary and secondary education. A third aspect within the objectives of the Autonomaat concerns data-driven support for the development of individual cognitive capacity, metacognitive, executive and neurocognitive development.

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